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Dr. Restivo is a Life, Career and Management/Executive Coach with experience gained in responsible corporate leadership roles over a number of years. Additionally, Dr. Restivo has served as a professor of business and organizational psychology at three major universities in the US.

The Coach brings sensitivity to his coaching and mentoring through an understanding of what it means to rise through the ranks to a leadership position. His soon to be published book So You Want to be a Leader helps established managers and leaders enhance their understanding of leadership and mentors prospective leaders as they gain an in-depth understanding of leadership.

For more information about Dr. Restivo’s unique coaching and mentoring, follow the links to specialized areas. This website also provides useful references to reading materials of interest to those who wish to become effective leaders.This web site was designed to provide a place to go for classroom materials related to courses Dr. Restivo teaches as well as other useful materials related to areas where he focuses his I/O Psychology practice.

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